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Welcome to the Barranco Alto Eco-Lodge!
You have arrived at nature's paradise, where water and earth become variegated tiles holding the secrets of natures endless cycles. Come dive in Rio Negro's dark and mysterious waters. Watch the cheerful flight of hyacinth, blue-and-yellow and red-and-green macaws. Feel the force of the howler monkey's roar and share our passion for nature as the essence of life.
On Barranco Alto Farm you will have the rare opportunity to witness the morning fishing of a giant otter family as dawn breaks, observe the ritual of alligator mating and, with luck and patience, to look into the eyes of the biggest cat of the Americas: the jaguar.
Besides this, you can live the day-to-day life of an authentic Pantanal cowboy, savour typical local dishes and sleep in a traditional house which offers all the necessary comforts for a cozy and unforgettable stay.


Understanding the mysteries of nature helps us develop a more ecologically correct - eco friendly attitude towards the environment and as such leads to a better conservation of it.


The programs and activities that we offer are guided by us in Portuguese, English, Spanish (under request in German and French) and will be adapted to suit the particular desires of each guest.


Come and enjoy our customized service!


Due to the restricted number of rooms, we recommend that you make your reservations well in advance.














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The name Pantanal suggests a swamp area (Pantanal stems from "pântano" = swamp in portuguese) yet this is a low lying sedimentary plain which floods annually. The greater part of this ecological paradise belongs to Brazil, with a surface area of about 140,000 km2. The Paraguay River traverses the plain from north to south and is the only outflow of the entire area. Precipitation in the region amounts to 1200 mm annually in average. The Paraguay River and its tributaries, like the Rio Negro, overflow their banks each year, causing flooding over widespread areas of the plain. Through the sediments of the floods, the earth is made fruitful. Within the heart of this paradise, you will find the Fazenda Barranco Alto, a traditional cattle ranch with it´s unique Eco Lodge, offering you a lifetime experience. You will have amazing wildlife and bird watching opportunities, along with a cozy stay and superb food..

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